Felicia Doggett

President & CEO


Felicia is the President & CEO of Metropolitan Acoustics, which she founded in 1990. Felicia brings over 28 years of experience to the firm; her wide-ranging knowledge in acoustics, noise control, and vibration is an invaluable resource to her clients. She has published articles in Controlled Environments Magazine, Laboratory Equipment Magazine, Noise Theory and Practice Magazine, and Animal Lab New Magazine discussing problems in today’s labs related to vibration and sound.

Felicia conceived of Moment after observing issues that her clients were experiencing in their labs. After performing micro-vibration, sound and ultra-sonic monitoring in both instrumentation and animal labs that were experiencing problems with resolution quality, poor breeding, and a general lack of productivity, she came to the realization that there was no service that researchers could rely on to provide quantitative information on the environmental condition of their facilities. Moment is the solution that addresses the unmet needs.