Discover Moment

Moment has been designed as an “always-on”, easy-to-operate monitoring platform that provides surveillance of building micro-vibration. These are all disturbances known to impede research progress resulting in distortion, image resolution reduction, error, intruding motions, signal masking, behavioral changes, and breeding decline, all of which lead to lost productivity.
Our platform’s algorithms continuously monitor for these interferences with the collected investigative data pushed to a cloud, available for viewing in real-time and archived for 3-months. Clients are provided a private portal to have immediate access to pertinent data.
The system detects these environmental threats and evaluates the level of risk to the equipment or experiments underway, all as an automated set of functions providing researchers vital information during experiments that may be attended or unattended. Most of these environmental threats are outside of human sensitivities, and therefore researchers are unlikely to sense the presence of these intrusions.
Moment’s value is derived from providing continuous surveillance with a range of alerts tailored to the lab’s function. Moment’s continuous monitoring and data capture and analysis leads to decision insight, which arms the researcher with empirical data supporting either a “go/no go” recommendation on just completed or soon-to-be completed trials and experiments.
Moment will significantly change the way that research is conducted. There is no product or service on the market today that performs the functions that Moment does in a seamless, intuitive manner.