Discover Moment

Metropolitan Acoustics is happy to announce the company’s move into the online Environment Monitoring services field with its introduction of Moment – our continuously managed IOT-based platform service. At its core, Moment dynamically monitors our clients’ operating environments to detect and identify interference emanating from in-building and external threats such as micro-vibration, audible sound and ultrasonic sound. Moment’s mission is to help you continuously detect, recognize, and identify issues allowing for faster fixes, less downtime, and peace of mind knowing your results are accurate.

Moment’s DNA and operating intelligence comes from learnings and insights gained by our Metropolitan Acoustics consultant team, which spans nearly three decades and includes service to over 2,800 clients and partners. Our ability to transfer these value-based learnings into Moment, our online variant of our expertise, supports our sustainability as a national leader in acoustics and vibration management.

Metropolitan Acoustics utilizes the Moment Monitoring Platform not only as a long-term monitoring application but also as a diagnostic tool. Using our proprietary software, we’re able to map and pinpoint interference issues in any environment. Being able to actively locate and identify interference leads to faster and more accurate recommendations to help you meet industry standard status.