Supporting the Quest for Peak Research Performance

There are undetected environmental forces that can disrupt productivity and research outcomes in laboratories across the world. Studies have conclusively shown that micro-vibration, ultrasonic, audible sound, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference can have devasting effects on the productivity of pre-clinical research laboratories. We call these forces enviro-markers and they can be the cause of high stress levels in lab animals as well as material image distortion in systems such as electron microscopes and other precision-based instrumentation. While the problem is widespread, most of these environmental factors are outside of human detection and unknown to researchers.
Moment is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to support Peak Research Performance (PRP) through productivity. Moment continuously monitors laboratories for distinctive signs of physical or environmental conditions, allowing the client to make informed decisions for research continuity and reproducibility.
Fundamentally, Moment allows for quick identification of critical issues, faster fixes and less downtime, thereby reducing the need for repeated testing and providing more successful outcomes with fewer errors – in other words, higher quality and productivity. For continual identified issues, our team of experts can perform evaluations and design solutions to remediate the problems.


Discover Moment

Moment has been designed as an “always-on”, easy-to-operate monitoring platform that provides surveillance of building micro-vibration. This disturbance is known to impede research progress resulting in distortion, image resolution reduction, error, intruding motions, signal masking, behavioral changes, and breeding decline, all of which lead to lost productivity.
Our platform’s algorithms continuously monitor for these interferences with the collected investigative data pushed to a cloud, available for viewing in real-time and archived for 3-months. Clients are provided a private portal to have immediate access to pertinent data. Moment’s value is derived from providing continuous surveillance with a range of alerts tailored to the lab’s function.

Looking out for Research

Research labs throughout the world are certainly in the spotlight with Investors, Sponsors, Researchers, Regulators and Patients alike, collectively cheering them on to deliver next-generation drugs at a comprehensive level… against some very challenging conditions and expectations.
Fundamentally, Moment will positively impact the research field by reducing the stress of not knowing if an experiment has been impacted by unseen interferences thereby forcing a repeat trial or experiment due to the need for a researcher to play it safe. Given the Biomedical Research and Biopharmaceutical sectors’ challenge of a declining Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on research productivity, Moment changes the accuracy and process speeds for research investigators worldwide, supporting the goal of sustainable productivity, good financial results and material market innovation.

What are Enviromarkers?

What’s an Enviromarker? Just as biomarkers can signal the planned onset of disease in lab mice, enviromarkers signal erratic mice behavior or distorted image clarity in microscopes from the presence of environmental forces such as micro-vibration, ultrasonic, audible sound, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. These disturbances are mostly non-perceptible to humans, but well within lab animal perceptibility as well as disruptive to microscopy, NMR/IR spectroscopy and nanotechnology instrumentation.
Moment helps researchers win by digitally identifying the impediments to peak lab performance and productivity.

Our Team

Moment’s DNA and operating intelligence comes from learnings and insights gained by Metropolitan Acoustics, who’s experience spans nearly three decades and includes service to over 2,800 clients and partners. Our ability to transfer these value-based learnings into Moment, our online variant of our expertise, supports our sustainability as a national leader in acoustics and vibration management. Not only can Moment identify issues in a laboratory, but our team of experts can perform evaluations and design solutions to remediate the problems.